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Salesforce CRM enables you to acquire, nurture and serve your customers better, resulting in your customers themselves becoming references for future opportunities and revenue.

Pain points that Salesforce can address

Lack of visibility into the existing pipeline
Nurturing of enquiries and leads is a challenge
Client history and buying behaviour is unclear and not documented well
Multiple buyer personas and not enough is being done to cater to specific personas’ needs
Disconnected legacy systems and existing system consists of traditional multiple spreadsheets

What can Salesforce do?

Basic automation ensuring the smooth transition from lead registration to final closure
Integration with websites enabling easier registration of leads
Cloud-based system ensures the whole operation is system independent
Companies with mobile CRM achieve more sales quotas

Enhanced Customer Experience Management

Customer 3600 view

Integrated with sales, marketing, service, finance and more

Conversational and personalized

AI-based and predictive intelligence

Unified view with integrations into entire enterprise systems and external ecosystems

What can Infocareer do?

Right domain expertise for your industry and size of business
Experience across various solutions of Salesforce
Implementation lifecycle not only emphasizes the use of technology, but also helps you in the adoption for your business and key stakeholders.
We at Infocareer are a user of Salesforce, and we are able to ourselves vouch for the effectiveness of the solution in realizes our business goals.

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