PgMP® Certification Training Course

Unleash Your Potential with PGMP: Your Path to Project Management Excellence

Discover the power of the Program Management Professional (PGMP) course – your ticket to project management mastery. With PGMP, you’ll gain the skills and recognition needed to excel in overseeing multiple projects, aligning strategic goals, and driving success. Choose our comprehensive PGMP course for expert-led instruction, a comprehensive curriculum, and an interactive learning experience that will propel your career to new heights. Unleash your potential with PGMP and unlock a world of possibilities in program management.

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Why PgMP® Certification?

Elevate Your Program Management Career with PGMP Certification

Meet Our Mentors

All our mentors are PMI Authorized training instructors having industrial experience of 30+ years.

Our team of Mentors comprises highly experienced and certified PMI-ATP instructors, dedicated to guiding and supporting you throughout your PMP journey with their expertise.

Partner with Infocareer to access a network of certified PMI-ATP instructors with extensive industry experience and a deep understanding of project management, ensuring top-quality training.

Why Infocareer PgMP® Assure?

Welcome to Infocareer PGMP, the ultimate program designed to ensure your success in obtaining your PgMP certification. With our unique PgMP-Assure program, we offer a personalized 1-to-1 mentoring experience that sets us apart from the rest. Here’s why Infocareer PGMP is your best choice:

Join Infocareer PGMP and embark on a transformative journey towards PgMP certification success. Benefit from our personalized mentoring, tailored training collateral, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering support. Choose the trusted leader in PgMP training and let us guide you to new heights in your program management career.


IC Prep Tracker+: Hourly Learning Scheduler

The Infocareer PMP-Assure journey starts with the Mentor creating a personalized plan for the PMP Aspirant, considering their declared target date. An ‘Activity Tracker’ is supplied for weekly updates, enabling progress tracking and ensuring accountability throughout the journey.

IC Application Assistance: Trouble-free application approval

To mitigate application process challenges faced by PMP aspirants our mentors conduct a thorough review of PMP aspirants’ eligibility, project experience documentation, application requirements, project summaries, and supporting documentation. Aspirants receive a sample template for creating a draft application, which is then revised based on feedback before entering the details on the PMI site. A final verification step ensures a smooth submission process, minimizing any potential issues.

Last Mile: Last-Minute Preparations for Excellence

Elevate your PMP certification exam preparation to new heights with this comprehensive and concise audio lecture. Packed with valuable tips, techniques, and a summary of all topics, it equips you with effective strategies to streamline your last mile preparation and ensure exam success.

Road to project success: E-learning Companion

Discover, a one-stop destination for comprehensive PMP preparatory online resources and exam preparation materials. Based on PMI Jan 2021 ECO, this platform offers complete coverage of all topics. Access videos, PowerPoint presentations, flashcards, supplementary materials, downloadable templates with sample projects, an ebook, and additional prep resources for practical usage and effective exam readiness.

IC Question Bank: Practice & Master Your Skills

Infocareer’s Learning Management Portal provides PMP aspirants with an extensive range of question bank aids to enhance their exam preparation. Topic-wise practice tests, categorized as Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, enable learners to assess their knowledge. Additionally, mock exams are conducted after completing all chapters, simulating the actual exam format and instilling confidence for success.

Mentorship: Transforming Career Potential

PMP Assure offers a distinctive mentoring support system for aspirants in various forms. The program spans 180 days, beginning with a planning exercise tailored to the PMP aspirant. Adherence to the scheduled activities is crucial, given the time-bound nature. The mentoring program includes regular interaction, feedback, and performance evaluation, providing valuable guidance and keeping aspirants on track.

Beyond Training: After-Training Support: Across Multiple Channels

Get comprehensive support throughout your mentoring period. We offer email and telephone support for all PMP aspirants. Telephone support is available Monday through Friday, from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, while email support is accessible every day. Expect a response to your emails within 24 hours. Additionally, connect with facilitators conveniently through WhatsApp for further assistance.

Test Your Mettle: Your ticket to Exam: Test Your Readiness with Mock Exams

Assess your readiness with a comprehensive mock exam upon completing all topics. This crucial step in your preparation determines the optimal time to take the final PMP exam. The mentor and aspirant collaborate based on the assessment outcome, making a Go/No Go decision. It’s a pivotal milestone in your overall journey.

The Final Push: Nailing Your Last Mile Preparations for Excellence

Optimize your PMP preparation four days before your scheduled exam by undergoing three to four comprehensive assessments. Analyze the results to identify any knowledge gaps and receive tailored guidance from our mentors to address them. Fine-tune your readiness for the exam and boost your chances of success.

Acing the Big Day: Expert Guidance for Exam Success

Receive a pre-exam call with your mentor to combat exam anxiety and gain valuable guidance on exam approach. Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the exam, ensuring a focused and confident mindset. Leverage the support of your mentor to optimize your performance and boost your chances of success.


Infocareer PMP® Assure Roadmap

The duration and effort to be committed by the PMP® aspirants are indicated in the following roadmap:

The roadmap is a two-stage approach. With the PMP® training which is a knowledge transfer session being the first stage followed by Mentoring which will help you prepare for the certification.

Infocareer Mentoring Roadmap

The various touch points of the mentoring program are depicted in the picture below.

All PMP® aspirants should be aware of this 180-day duration. However, the constant interaction and feedback from the mentor will keep the aspirants informed on their performance and their timelines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does PgMP certification entail?

What is the scope of PgMP certification?

Is obtaining PgMP certification worthwhile?

Are the benefits of PgMP certification significant?

What is the process for acquiring PgMP certification?

How can one obtain PgMP certification?

How much does PgMP certification cost, and are there any additional fees?

What is the financial investment required for PgMP certification, including any additional charges?

How can I prepare effectively for PgMP certification?

What are the best strategies for successful preparation for PgMP certification?

What are the requirements for maintaining PgMP certification, and how do I go about renewing it?

What criteria must be met to maintain PgMP certification, and what is the process for renewal?

What are the prerequisites for enrolling in the PgMP certification training course?

What are the eligibility criteria for individuals interested in joining the PgMP certification training course?

What makes Infocareer PGMP unique?

Infocareer PGMP stands out with its one-to-one mentoring program, providing personalized guidance throughout your PgMP certification journey. We prioritize your success and offer constant support, ensuring a tailored learning experience.

What kind of support does Infocareer PGMP provide?

We provide 24×7 email support and telephone assistance on all working days. Our dedicated support team is available to address any queries or concerns you may have throughout your PgMP journey.

How does Infocareer PGMP track my progress?

Infocareer PGMP ensures constant tracking of your progress and provides continuous feedback. We understand the importance of ongoing assessment and feedback for your growth and improvement.

How long has Infocareer been offering PgMP training?

Infocareer has been a leader in PgMP training for over 15 years. Our extensive expertise and reputation make us a trusted provider in the industry.

What is the role of the personal mentor assigned to me?

Your personal mentor will guide you through the application process and offer support throughout your training. They will provide one-on-one assistance, ensuring you have the necessary guidance for success.

How does Infocareer PGMP help me prepare for the PgMP exam?

Infocareer PGMP provides curated content through our learning management system. Additionally, our learning assessment engine and question bank enable you to evaluate your understanding and readiness for the exam.

Project Management Institute (PMI, USA) is a world recognized body that promotes the discipline of Project Management. PMI also conducts an internationally recognized certification exam called Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. This certification is valid across the globe across industries and is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for project managers.

To train prospective students for the PMP certification, Infocareer is conducting a 40 Hours training and mentoring program called Infocareer PMP Assure. The program is intended to train the candidates in three domains People, Process and Business enviornment in Traditional, Agile or Hybride approaches.

The training from Infocareer involves a 40 Hours intensive training program for 5 weekends with 5 months of post-training support. Upon completion of the course, the candidates would receive a certificate from Infocareer which Premimum A.T.P. (Authorised Training Partner) for PMI,USA, which makes the candidates eligible to take up the PMP examination.

You will study the global Project Management practices based on PMI Standards through 35 Hours of training program as per PMI guidelines and course materials. which is one of the requirement for writing PMP Exam.

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The course completion certificate provided by Infocareer is valid for life. This certificate is mandatory for you to take up the PMP exam.

There is no guarantee provided as it depends upon the interest levels of each individual. But, we provide a consistent and well tested mentoring methodology to help you pass in the very first attempt.

You have to write the exam online at a Pearson VUE center or Pearson VUE Online proctor based exam .

If you follow our preparation methodologies, you can clear the PMP exam with in 100 Hours without reading any books, You need to just see our vidoes and practices exam. A day wise tracker will given and weekly mentored. After compleation of materials, we will access and check your readiness for exam.

No, But if you are member you can get access to pmi resources and get discount in exam fee. You will get official access 20 plus standards of PMI and lots of resources like Magazines, survey results, eBook, participate in PMI events,etc.,

“The PMP certification is valid for 3 years and is extendable for every block of 3 years if you have gained 60 PDUs (Professional Development Units). We will provide you the required guidance for obtaining the PDUs as part of our course content.”

Yes. The certificate is issued by Infocareer. Over 15 years we are Premimum Authorized Training Partner (PMI-ATP) for PMI, USA

Yes. The industry values the PMP certification very highly.

No. The course is common for all industries such as manufacturing, construction, Pharma, Telecome, Defence, software, automobile, defence, oil and gas, power, healthcare etc., Basically, anywhere where you see work as a projects to create value (Tangible or Intangible or Both).

Yes. We will provide you with post-training support by allowing you 5 months access to our online mock exam portal. And also assess you before you go for final exam with pmi

The median salary for project professionals is 16% higher globally (and 32% higher in the United States) than those without it.

90Million, Project management-oriented employees currently in projectized industries across the world

25Million New project management oriented employees needed to meet global talent demands by 2030

12Million New employees driven by expansion and 13 million driven by retirements

Career Growth
Global Recoginization
Salary High
Learning Global Practices in Project Management

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