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“Explore the Power of Oracle Primavera P6: A Comprehensive Project Management Solution”: For more than 30 years, successful projects around the world have relied on Oracle Primavera solutions to plan, build, and operate critical assets. It is the only solution that integrates project and portfolio planning and delivery teams for planning, resourcing, risk mitigation, scheduling, and program management. Manage projects of any size. Robust and easy-to-use. Oracle Primavera is still leading the project management software.

The solution is built on robust architecture and is designed to deliver high performance with tight security, flexible integration and real-time reporting and analytics.

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Why Choose Primavera Certification?

Meet Our Mentors

All our mentors are PMI Authorized training instructors having industrial experience of 30+ years.

G Lakshmi Sekhar- PMP
Natarajan K - PMP
Subramanian - PMP
Chandrasekaran - PMP
Yogan Chawla - PMP

Our team of Mentors comprises highly experienced and certified PMI-ATP instructors, dedicated to guiding and supporting you throughout your PMP journey with their expertise.

Partner with Infocareer to access a network of certified PMI-ATP instructors with extensive industry experience and a deep understanding of project management, ensuring top-quality training.

Why InfoCareer Primavera Certification?


InfoCareer Primavera Certification – FAQ

What is the InfoCareer Primavera Certification?

The InfoCareer Primavera Certification is a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals with advanced project management skills using Primavera. It focuses on enhancing your ability to plan, execute, and monitor projects effectively while staying updated with the latest industry trends.

Who is this certification suitable for?

This certification is perfect for aspiring project managers, experienced professionals looking to upskill, and anyone seeking to master project management using Primavera. It caters to various industries and sectors, making it versatile and valuable.

What sets InfoCareer's Primavera Certification apart?

InfoCareer’s Primavera Certification stands out due to its industry-expert instructors, hands-on training, and emphasis on real-world application. The curriculum is regularly updated, ensuring you’re equipped with the latest tools and strategies. Additionally, the certification fosters a supportive learning community for continuous growth.

Are there any prerequisites for this certification?

No specific prerequisites are required. Whether you’re a novice or have some project management experience, the certification is designed to accommodate various skill levels. A willingness to learn and engage is what matters most.

Can I pursue this certification alongside my current job?

Absolutely! The program is designed to fit the schedules of working professionals. With flexible learning options, including self-paced study and live sessions, you can balance your job while mastering project management skills.

What are the key topics covered in the curriculum?

The curriculum covers a wide array of topics, from creating a Project ,Activity planning and Resource planning, Baselining the schedule update the project actuals monitor and control project through EVA and sending the work performance report to the stakeholders.

How is hands-on training incorporated?

Hands-on training is a core element of the program. You’ll engage in simulations and real-world projects that mirror actual challenges faced by project managers. This practical experience ensures you’re well-prepared to handle various scenarios.

Is the certification globally recognized?

Yes, InfoCareer’s Primavera Certification is globally recognized and respected in the industry. It demonstrates your expertise in project management using Primavera and opens doors to opportunities across the world.

What support can I expect during and after the certification?

During the certification, you’ll receive guidance from mentors, participate in discussions, and access valuable resources. After certification, you’ll remain part of the InfoCareer community, with access to ongoing webinars, discussions, and networking opportunities.

How can I enroll and begin my journey toward certification?

Enrolling is simple! Visit our website, choose the Primavera Certification program, and follow the enrollment instructions. Once registered, you’ll gain access to the learning materials and be ready to embark on your project management mastery journey.

Have more questions? Feel free to contact our support team for further assistance.

Project Management Institute (PMI, USA) is a world recognized body that promotes the discipline of Project Management. PMI also conducts an internationally recognized certification exam called Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. This certification is valid across the globe across industries and is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for project managers.

To train prospective students for the PMP certification, Infocareer is conducting a 40 Hours training and mentoring program called Infocareer PMP Assure. The program is intended to train the candidates in three domains People, Process and Business enviornment in Traditional, Agile or Hybride approaches.

The training from Infocareer involves a 40 Hours intensive training program for 5 weekends with 5 months of post-training support. Upon completion of the course, the candidates would receive a certificate from Infocareer which Premimum A.T.P. (Authorised Training Partner) for PMI,USA, which makes the candidates eligible to take up the PMP examination.

You will study the global Project Management practices based on PMI Standards through 35 Hours of training program as per PMI guidelines and course materials. which is one of the requirement for writing PMP Exam.

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The course completion certificate provided by Infocareer is valid for life. This certificate is mandatory for you to take up the PMP exam.

There is no guarantee provided as it depends upon the interest levels of each individual. But, we provide a consistent and well tested mentoring methodology to help you pass in the very first attempt.

You have to write the exam online at a Pearson VUE center or Pearson VUE Online proctor based exam .

If you follow our preparation methodologies, you can clear the PMP exam with in 100 Hours without reading any books, You need to just see our vidoes and practices exam. A day wise tracker will given and weekly mentored. After compleation of materials, we will access and check your readiness for exam.

No, But if you are member you can get access to pmi resources and get discount in exam fee. You will get official access 20 plus standards of PMI and lots of resources like Magazines, survey results, eBook, participate in PMI events,etc.,

“The PMP certification is valid for 3 years and is extendable for every block of 3 years if you have gained 60 PDUs (Professional Development Units). We will provide you the required guidance for obtaining the PDUs as part of our course content.”

Yes. The certificate is issued by Infocareer. Over 15 years we are Premimum Authorized Training Partner (PMI-ATP) for PMI, USA

Yes. The industry values the PMP certification very highly.

No. The course is common for all industries such as manufacturing, construction, Pharma, Telecome, Defence, software, automobile, defence, oil and gas, power, healthcare etc., Basically, anywhere where you see work as a projects to create value (Tangible or Intangible or Both).

Yes. We will provide you with post-training support by allowing you 5 months access to our online mock exam portal. And also assess you before you go for final exam with pmi

The median salary for project professionals is 16% higher globally (and 32% higher in the United States) than those without it.

90Million, Project management-oriented employees currently in projectized industries across the world

25Million New project management oriented employees needed to meet global talent demands by 2030

12Million New employees driven by expansion and 13 million driven by retirements

Career Growth
Global Recoginization
Salary High
Learning Global Practices in Project Management

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