Capability Maturity Model Integrated ( CMMI®) is a rich, useful and complete model one can use to assess and benchmark an organization’s software process; it can also be used as a guide for defining an organization’s software process improvement plan. An increasing number of organizations have used CMMI as a framework to improve their entire software process or some portions of it. CMMI provides organizations with guidance on how to gain control of their software processes, selecting process improvement strategies by determining current maturity, and identifying the most important issues to software quality and process improvement.

InfocareerTM Private Limited is a professional Software Process Consultancy and appraisal services organisation which engages in the business of providing software appraisal services to domestic and Multinational clients in India and global market. InfocareerTM is an CMMI Partner to conduct CMMI appraisals across the globe.

InfocareerTM Consultants have been carrying out SCAMPI B (Implementation Review) along with SCAMPI A Appraisal by a Certified CMMI Lead Appraiser as per the SCAMPISM methodology (v2) to benchmark the Organization processes in line with the requirements of CMMI® Dev (v2) Maturity Level 3 and Level 5.
We have been helping clients with

Our professionals have hands-on experience in defining and implementing processes using CMMI standards and models.

The team has significant expertise and experience in:

  • Conducting Process Gap Analysis
  • Defining processes conforming to well-known standards and models
  • Implementing processes across the organization with multiple locations
  • Customized process creation / definition
    • Adhering to international standards/models
    • Conforming to the business needs of the customer
    • Setting up road map for institutionalization of the Identified processes
    • Setting up road map for the and CMMI appraisals
  • Process Training
  • Process Appraisals
InfocareerTM and its Lead Appraisers have conducted over 100 appraisals worldwide.
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Since 2008, Regional Director of Infocareer Pvt. Ltd, Responsible for Project Management Training and consulting.

Trained more than 50,000+ project managers and Project Leaders in the last 14+ years and assisted them to achieve PMP Certifications successfully

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