Project Management Professional



The PMP® certification is designed by project professionals, for project professionals and validates that you are among the best.

PMP® is one of the most significant certifications in the field of project management, widely recognized by the project management industry.

Obtaining the PMP® certification means that the holders will master:

The global project management vocabulary,
Lean 1000+ tools and techniques in day-to-day activities
You are part of the 1.2 million global project management community
Developing skills to bring back project at anytime

Research indicates that employers will need to fill nearly 2.2 million new project-oriented roles each year through 2027. According to Salary survey released by PMI, among interviewees, the average salary of PMP® certification holders is 23% higher than that of non-certificate holders.



Bachelor’s degree or Global Equivalent  OR A high school diploma or an associate degree (or global equivalent)
36 months leading projects 60 months leading projects
35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM® Certification  35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM® Certification

For any clarification on PMP®  Certification requirements please feel free to contact to call back

Why InfocareerTM For PMP® Training

This is one of our flag ship mentoring programs where participants enrolling this course will be taught project management which will enable them to apply the concepts in their work.

InfocareerTM 2 stage approach:

Stage 1 (Knowledge Transfer) – 40 hours online/Classroom training based on ECO (Exam Content Outline Jan 2021).

Stage 2 (PMP® Assure Mentoring) – Meant for PMP® aspirants only after Stage 1 completion, which covers comprehensive Mentoring & Support to clear PMP® Examination with 150 to 200 Hours of Effort. This is the minimum effort required to complete this program. Our mentor will be giving you constant feedback on your progress and this would help in determining the actual effort required by each individual.

The overall duration and effort to be committed by the PMP® aspirants are indicated in the Roadmap.

Valuation Services

Training Deliverables

Complete Mentoring support towards appearing for PMP® Examination from Application form filling till appearing for Exam through

PMI – Official Student material consists of Copy of Training PPTs, Ebook, work sheets
Chapter wise question bank (Beginner, Intermediate and Advance Levels)
Analytical questions practice bank
4 Full assessment exams
Access to Chapter wise videos
Access to Training PPTs
50 Project Templates (Downloadable)
Application process guidance videos
Flash Card for quick review of content before exam
Online Mastermind session on Saturdays between 7 pm to 9pm IST
Weekly tracker monitoring and mentoring
Question of the Day is WhatsApp message everyday
Last mile preparation before one-week exam assessing, finding gaps, bridging gaps in preparation and mentoring by email/phone

Why PMP® Assure

PMP® -Assure is a unique program aimed at getting your PMP® certification
Our various training collateral are aimed at working professionals.
PMP® -Assure effectively uses the right technology and delivery mechanism to reach the learning artefacts to our PMP® aspirants. our learning management system provides you curated content to prepare for the exam. Learning assessment engine and the question bank provides you an easy option to check and evaluate your understanding.
PMP® - Assure provides you with 24x7 email support and telephone support on all working days.
Weekly Mastermind sessions along with other peers preparing for the exam helps gather others perspective.
Assigning a personal mentor to work with you in your PMP® journey.
Constant tracking of your progress and continuous feedback.
Backed by InfocareerTM – leaders in PMP® training for over 20 years

Deliverables for your Preparations

After Training Support

Mentoring Support

Ways to Reach Mentor

Other Resources

Practice Exam
Practice your test-taking strategies, and access your Knowledge
Practice your test-taking strategies and access your Knowledge

Infocareer’s Learning Management Portal ICLeaf (Infocareer Learning and Assessment Framework) provides learners various learning aids to help the PMP aspirants in getting ready for their exam.

These aids include

  • Domain and Knowledge area wise 120 Questions (Classified in three levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advance level) and over 100 analytical questions
Powered by
Simulated tests based on the PMP® exam’s pattern

Infocareer’s Learning Management Portal ICLeaf (Infocareer Learning and Assessment Framework) provides learners various learning aids to help the PMP aspirants in getting ready before 5 days of exam.

These aids include

  • Gold pack Practice test with 180 Questions of 4 Exams
To simplify and enhance the overall learning experience

Instead of listening to one person continuously talking, students can now actively participate in the learning by reading .

  • Study Anywhere and Anytime
  • Offline Access to eBooks
  • Save Printing Costs
  • Provide Updated Content to Students
we provide Chapter-wise videos to reiterate your learning

Videos significantly improve the learning process by facilitating thinking and retrieving your knowledge.

Excellent Revision Tool
We provide access to Training PPTs for quick revision

It’s a scientific fact the brain absorbs information faster with variant learning methods. Even if a student learns all topics in the first reading, it will not be possible the revision from the books. The presentation contains quick notes as well as a visual representation of the information.

Memorisation tool
Flash Card for quick review of content before exam.

Flashcards appeal to visual learners and can be used to stimulate kinaesthetic learners can make you excited and understand on the Project Management vocabulary and Tools & Techqnie to practice and revise before PMP exam.

Question a Day

To make learning fun and engaging we use social media tools such as WhatsApp to deliver content. In Whatsapp, we publish a PMP Question a Day to community of PMP aspirents to discuss in forum and at end of day we will publish answer for the same, So that every aspirents spend 5 minits a day to keep moving on their preprations.

Following this group and getting a question and the answer explained helps in your overall PMP preparation and also acts as a constant reminder to your commitment.


Continuous update mailers are sent to the PMP aspirants. These updates pertain to the exam and discussion on important questions. Updates can also be on specific topics to bring in more clarity. Inputs to these updates are collected from other students and passed on as curated mailers to all PMP Assure participants

Mentoring group used to support contribute and getting contributed

Weekend Master Mind session are online interactive sessions. Each week (Saturdays between 7PM IST to 9PM IST) 30 – 40 questions based on PMI ECO Jan 2021 content is taken up for discussion. The session is moderated by a Subject Matter Expert and the participants also has the advantage of being part of their peer group. The queries and clarifications thereof raised by the peer group will be an enriching experience for all participants.

The session also discusses PMP exam questions. The right answers and the reason for eliminating other options are discussed. This makes these sessions an excellent preparatory aid for the PMP certification. Twenty weekend sessions of two hours duration each are planned as part of the mentoring program.

Application Process Guidance

We provide Application process guidance videos Preparation. for PMP certification and attempting the certification exam is a time bound activity. PMP Assure has a 150-day cycle for this to happen. So, it is essential that PMP-Aspirant is committed to this timeframe. One way of ensuring commitment is to make the PMP aspirant complete the Application Process. Since an application is valid for a one-year period, this provides an automatic contingency for those who are not able to adhere to this rigorous schedule. The applications submitted for enrollment of PMP certification exam are audited by PMI to ensure they meet the rigorous criteria stipulated by PMI. To avoid any issues the PMP mentors perform a rigorous review of the application. A draft application is made by the aspirant which is reviewed by the facilitator/mentor. Feedback are provided and after incorporating the feedback the aspirant can enter the application details to the PMI site.

Memorisation tool

All PMP Aspirants should be aware of this 150-day duration. This duration cannot be extended as this would affect the mentor’s other commitments. However, the constant interaction and feedback from the mentor will give the aspirants an heads up on their performance and their timeline.

Final connection between PREPARATION and EXAM.

A week prior to the scheduled exam date the aspirant’s readiness is established through a series of assessments. Three to Four full assessments are conducted. The results are analyzed and gaps in understanding are ascertained. The mentors provide guidance to address these gaps.

Based on the outcome of these assessments, the mentor and the aspirant take a decision on when to take the final PMP exam. This is a very important step in your overall preparation. A Go / No Go decision for taking the final exam is decided here.

Quick Audio lecture

This audio lecture explains the interaction among various Project Management processes. It also provides Quick tips and techniques before PMP exam in 30 Mints


Once the aspirant clears the ‘Final Assessment’, they are ready to take the exam. To overcome the exam blues, a day prior to the exam you will be provided with guidance on how to approach the exam. Since your PMP exam extends over 230 Mints and most of us are out of examination mode, this session assists you in staying recharged right through the exam duration.

The final tip comes from your mentor just before the exam based on last mile preparation performance, Since the mentor has been with you throughout your journey you get their words of wisdom to get the maximum benefit out of this program.

Telephone support

Throughout the mentoring period telephone support available for all PMP aspirants. The telephone support is provided Monday thru Friday between 10:00 am and 7 pm

Accessibility and Assistive Technology Support

PMP aspirants can also use WhatsApp for reaching out to the facilitators OR Mento.
The Whatsapp support is provided Monday thru Friday between 10:00 am and 7 pm and the email support on all days.

Email Support

Throughout the mentoring period email support available for all PMP aspirants. All emails will be responded within 24 hours on weekdays and within 48 hours on weekends.

Templates With Sample Projects

we give 50 Project Templates and sample project. each templates corresponds to a specific topic defined by key concepts and learning outcomes. Supports you by planning your studies