InfocareerTM Learning Assessment Framework (ICLeaFTM) is a platform for trainers and businesses to offer to their customers learning modules. This platform also provides assessment solutions to evaluate, post learning/training. Deployment of your course materials and assessment modules is as easy as plug-and-play. ICLeaFTM is a highly customizable framework that can be installed over the intranet or subscribed on the Platform-as-a-Service portal.

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Experience the Power of Togetherness, take advantage of our product, groupNpay®. It is a portal where both businesses/merchants and customers can experience a WIN-WIN situation. A merchant willingly offers a discount on volume purchase to drive the business. groupNpay® provides an opportunity for registered members to avail discounts when like-minded people form virtual groups to purchase products. Corporate houses can on-board their employees, giving them an opportunity to maximise their purchases on products available on this portal.

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neighbourbase helps you to create your own hyper-local neighbourhood sharing community. Earn money or gift from things around you at home. A portal to Borrow, Rent, Buy or Giveaway articles that are sitting with you and may come of use to your neighbour. List your items on our portal and establish new connections in your neighbourhood.

neighbourbase privacy promise, extends to private network whether it is housing complex or organization or special interest group.

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