eFacimanC – Facility Management Product for Corporates

“Facilities Management Software that integrates into your environment seamlessly”


Why CAFM and CMMS?

Our Modules

Property Management

“An optimal property life cycle and maintenance management solution”

Property Management - Features

Owner / Tenant Management

“Manage all Owners, Tenants & respective documents”

Owner / Tenant Management – Key Functions

eFaciman – Billing Management

“All in one billing solution”

Billing Management – Key Functions

Facility Booking

“Managing meeting room, other facilities booking, approvals and billing seamlessly”

Facility Booking – Features

eFaciman – Helpdesk

“Powerful and flexible helpdesk software”

Helpdesk – Features

Visitor Management System

“Visitor Registration and Tracking made simple and secure”

Visitor Management – Features

Online Polling

“Conduct Polling & Surveys to improve the customer service and efficiency”

Online Polling – Features

Gate Pass Management

“Monitor items coming in and going out of the Asset”

Gate Pass Management – Features

Material & Stores Management

“Materials and Stores Management”

Material & Stores Management – Features

Asset Life Cycle Management

“An optimal asset life cycle and maintenance management solution”

Asset Life Cycle Management – Features

Building Monitoring

“An optimal Building monitoring management solution”

Building Monitoring – Features

Compliance Management

“Compliance Management under Various Categories”

Compliance Management – Features

HR Training & Skill matrix

“Tracking of Skill Sets within all employees and setting up training sessions”

HR Training and Skill Matrix – Features

Project Management

“Manage various projects with different stakeholders”

Project Management – Features

Tasks Management

“Tracking of Daily Tasks within a team of an organization”

Project ManagementTasks Management – Features

eFaciman – Space Management

“Space planning, occupancy mapping and analysis”

Space Management – Features

eFaciman – Plotted Layout Sale Management

“Plotted Layout, Sale, for Sale occupancy mapping and analysis”

Plotted Layout Sale Management – Features

eFaciman – Buy / Sell / Rent Management

“Buy / Sell / Rent mapping and analysis”

Buy / Sell / Rent Management – Features

Mail Room Management

“Software to support your mail room management needs”

Mail Room Management – Features

Vehicle Management

“Comprehensive Vehicle Management”

Vehicle Management – Features


“Single glance view of key data to make analysis easier”

Dashboard – Features

Workflow Engine

“Implement complex workflows specific to your processes”

Workflow Engine – Features

Internet of Things

“IOT integration to various requirements”

IoT – Features

eFaciman – Mobile

“Help Desk, Visitor Management, online Polling and Guidelines access to Residents through Mobile / TAB devices”

Mobile – Features

Tracker Module Management

“Tracker Module Management”

Tracker Module – Features

Incident Module – RCA

“An optimal Incident Management with RCA ”

Incident Module, RCA – Features

Document Management

“Manage all facility / equipment drawings & documents”

Document Management – Features


Software Specifications

Interface with External applications

* Subject to interface acceptability from the external system and handholding, either through API’s or custom built Interface